How the cat wakes me up – Animation


Het filmpje is gemaakt door Simon Tofield van


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  1. Frotsie Said:

    Kawaiiiiii ende sugoiiiii

  2. rottie Said:

    Voor wie vorige week de cursus japans gemist heeft, een beetje vertaling: “Zo schattig” en “whoo, de max!”

    Of om het met wat meer (gepikte) woorden te zeggen:

    kawaii- cute. More than a mere adjective, kawaii qualifies as an aesthetic and an obsession in Japan. A less common, secondary meaning is “cherished, beloved.” Note: kawai sou means “How sad” or “How pitiful.” Use caution before calling someone pitiful-looking, as Kawai is not etymologically related to Kawaii.

    sugoi- one of three common superlatives that all happen to begin with su-. The other two are suteki and subarashii. The three are generally interchangeable. However, sugoi often expresses an admiration for someone else’s power or talent, and may be mixed with a sense of dread. It can straddle the line between “awesome” and “awful.” Suteki is most often applied to physical appearance. It’s used most often by women, but it can be applied to both genders. Subarashii is more neutral and can be translated as “great.” Although lacking the su- beginning, kakkoi is a superlative used mostly in describing people-“Cool!” Note: A spoken variant of sugoi is Suge-e!

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