Penis enlargement anyone?

No, I don’t want a new Rolex, I also don’t want any other quality watches.

I don’t want a bigger penis, a longer penis, a better penis or a more impressive penis.

And I have no need for quality medication from obscure websites, no Xanax, no Viagra and no Prozac.

Neither do I need any stock options from unknown & failing companies or life insurance or fake real university degrees.

The first spam message that offers me (without spelling errors) a nice small house for a descent price, that message I will click and happily infect my computer with all associated virusses (virii?).

Until then: removing all spam <click>


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  1. ZaVkE Said:

    Onder het motto ‘je ontkomt er niet aan’: een filmpje over een penis enlargement kit 😉

  2. rottie Said:

    hehehe.. nice one..

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