Computers are gay!

Yeah! I SO agree with this guy (or is it an older female?).

Computers are for homo’s and sissies! And retarded people. And people who buy iPhone’s. And those French people that have live in Ostend for 10 years and still don’t speak flemish. And cat-haters. Yeah, computers are for cat-haters. And for lefties and commies and junkies and weirdos. And budhist too! And most of all, they were invented by fascist homosexual hippies; Especially apple laptops. They are the worst!!
So get rid of them!


For this purpose I have created a special rehabilitation center. So bring in all your computers!

Do it now!

Save yourself before it’s too late.

Found through HalloMetHenk.


3 reacties »

  1. Henk Said:

    Schitterend he. Hoe het bestààààt

  2. rottie Said:

    Vooral als je dat protestbord bekijkt. Dat kan toch alleen maar met een computer gemaakt zijn?

  3. Henk Said:

    Yep! Da’s het toppunt…

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