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Yeah, I’m desperate. I’ve been waiting since 30/01 for my beta application to clear..

But, my new best friend at said he would do anybody (actually two of them) a favor, if they did him a favor.

Well.. For those of you who didn’t know, is probably the best blog you will ever read. So go pay him a visit!

Oyvind Rules!! 🙂

PS: He has a Mac AND Joost invites! He must live in heaven. 🙂


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  1. Oyvind Said:

    Thanks. And you’e in the lead!

    =) Oyvind

  2. 2e smurf Said:

    ja man! de sirope drupt er nog gin bitje nof…
    olles voer een invite é?

  3. Oyvind Said:

    Just wanted you to know that an invite is in the mail. So check your spamfilter if you don’t get it within some hours!

    =) Oyvind

  4. Ricky Said:

    please, send me a joost invitation, I am interested in this new and super technological programme as it seems it is going to be a great thing in the months to come.
    Thanks to how will send me an invitation.

  5. Rulman Said:

    Please, send me a joost invitation for one freak in spain ;-)))


  6. yona Said:

    Please invite me
    I really appreciate.


  7. erez Said:

    Are there any invitations left?
    iif so pleas send me one
    gimme gimme gimme

    thanks !

  8. rottie Said:

    Hi all,

    I have removed Joost from my computer. So I can’t give any more invites.

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