Windows/386 Promo

From the guys that brought you Vista:

Gevonden op Gizmodo.


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  1. Frotsie Said:

    “I’m using windows, windows, windows 386
    So all my applications are running at once
    my report right now is scattered all over my disk
    Wah Wah Wah Windows will pull these parts together real quick

    I got pieces in one spread sheet I got pieces in another
    I’ve got pieces that have never been close to one another
    Some are in the database where things are pretty stuffy
    some are in the Word Processor… that’s where it gets fluffy

    Wah Wah Windows Wah Wah Windows Windows 386
    Will pull these parts together and do it mighty quick
    I’ll cut and paste cut and paste until it’s in pagemaker …”

    Run DMC, run!!! :p

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