Lost Friends

I miss my computer. I miss it so much it almost hurts.

There used to be a time where there would be no “almost” in that sentence but still… I miss the little thing.

It’s been gone for more then a month now. All alone it went on a long trip to the US because they have a special clinic there for computers, just like mine. It had to go because it lost it’s voice. Poor computer, all alone in a strange world, with nobody to comfort it and no audio output to talk with to anybody.

Almost two months now, I’ve made friends with some old relative of him, just to get me going. An old shuttle with a broken processor and an attitude problem. It gets me by but it’s not the same.

I wish he came back.. I miss my music, and my pictures, and my bookmarks.. It’s nice to have a computer that starts the first time you boot it. You never realise what you have until you miss it.

Starting up is a hit and miss situation in the best of times for the moment.

I miss my computer..

I never thought I would.


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